Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership

What is Corporate Membership?
22CEMIT's mission is to ‘Deliver the best cancer treatment to as many patients as possible’. In order to do so, we will build a network consisting of various companies, industry associations, medical institutions and research institutes.
Corporate members can participate in our various businesses.
If you are interested in joining our network, please contact us through the [Contact Us] page.

Types of Corporate Membership
Select the appropriate type from below:
Corporate Membership A: Companies with more than 100 employees
Corporate Membership B: Companies or Non-Profit Organizations with fewer than 100 employees
(Independent administrative agency, national research and development agency, administrative agency, educational institution, social welfare corporation, general corporation, public interest corporation, etc.)

Benefits of Corporate Membership
Corporate members are granted the following benefits:
1. ID for ‘e-Precision Medicine Japan’ (Educational website for the latest cancer genomics)
           Corporate member A only. Five IDs per unit
           Corporate member B only. One ID per unit
           Corporate member A: 20 participants per year
           Corporate member B: 3 participants per year

Membership Fees for Corporate Members
Admission fee and annual membership fee are as follows. You can apply for more than one unit.
Corporate membership A: Admission fee 100,000 yen / Annual membership fee 500,000 yen per unit
Corporate membership B: Admission fee 30,000 yen / Annual membership fee 120,000 yen per unit

Corporate Members