Dr. Yoshino, chairman of 22CEMIT, was nominated as the first Japanese member of the Executive Board, which oversees ICGC-ARGO.

The International Cancer Genome Consortium - Accelerating Research in Genomic Oncology project (ICGC ARGO, Professor Andrew Biankin, Executive Director, International Cancer Genome Consortium) jointly announce that the "MONSTAR-SCREEN" project (study representative: Takayuki Yoshino, Chief - Department of Gastrointestinal Oncology, NCC Hospital East) has joined as an official member program.

ICGC-ARGO will uniformly analyze specimens from 100,000 cancer patients with high quality clinical data to address outstanding questions that are vital to our quest to defeat cancer. ICGC-ARGO will make data available to the entire research community in a rapid and responsible way, to accelerate research into the causes and control of cancer. It is expected that the participation of MONSTAR-SCREEN in this project will widely contribute to the construction of a global knowledge base and the development of cancer genomic medicine.

In addition, the contribution to the construction of an international database through these projects is expected to lead to a high rating of the quality and quantity of genomic sequencing data from Japan.

Dr. Yoshino, study representative of MONSTAR-SCREEN, was nominated as the first Japanese member of the Executive Board.

https://www.ncc.go.jp/jp/information/pr_release/2021/0517/index.html; External site

https://dcc.icgc.org/; External site

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