Message from the Chairman & CEO

The field of cancer treatment is evolving rapidly. It is getting more and more sophisticated and diversified, and the needs to constantly access the latest information of cancer treatment is increasing. However, the environment for the medical care workers across the country to do so is not sufficient. Nowadays, the regional disparities in medical information seem to be even more pronounced.

In order to overcome this situation, doctors at the forefront of cancer treatment led the way and actively reached out to medical professionals across the country to contribute to the people’s health and welfare. In the fall of 2018, we launched the 22nd Century Cutting-Edge Medical Information Technology Organization (22 CEMIT).

We intend to provide the latest medical information in a timely manner to all medical professionals involved in cancer treatment. We will utilize IT technology to develop education, media, and events of cancer treatment seamlessly. Our mission is to deliver ‘More than HAPPY’, the fastest and best cancer treatment in the world to cancer patients across the country. We will strive e to expand the scope of our activity dynamically.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Takayuki Yoshino
National Cancer Center Hospital East
Director of the Department of Gastrointestinal Oncology
National Cancer Center Hospital East; Director, Department of Gastrointestinal Oncology