Website of cancer treatment for medical professionals ”OncoTribune™” 「OncoTribune™」


OncoTribune™ provides information that enhances expertise in cancer treatment and contributes to the improvement of patient outcomes.
Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) of cancer treatment, including the director of CEMIT, are planning, collaborating, writing and supervising this website.

Flash Report
Presentation themes are selected from international conferences and the KOL gives an explanation on it along with its impact on daily medical care.

The clinical practice of cancer is gaining complexity and the needs to obtain precise information is increasing. In order to meet their needs and to bridge the gap between evidence and clinical practice, KOL will take up seasonal topics and lecture its present situation and challenges, suggest its future directions.

Clinical Trial Encyclopedia
OncoTribune™ collected summaries of pivotal trials in cancer treatment field. We selected domestic and overseas trials done in the past, and summarized their basic information, efficacy, and safety results. It will be used as executive summary of cancer clinical trials.

Side effect countermeasures information
Information of the side effects and their countermeasures of the new drug mechanism.

Closed, real-time community website for doctors

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